2013 Projects
As the saying goes…”Don’t blink or you might miss it?”

If you haven’t been paying attention, you have missed a ton of things going on at Camp Hinds, so many things that we couldn’t possibly name them all. 

We have started on the Scholastic Pistol Range. This project will be done and ready for the older Scouts, 14 and older by this summer. Hinds Alumni & Friends members, cleared the trees for the range and also cleared the road to the rifle range to make room for some heavy equipment that is at camp right now digging and hauling to make the berms for the pistol range. A big Thank You to Scott, Eric, Annie, Ed V, Tom M, Tom P, Mike E, Joe P all members of Hinds Alumni that have been at camp working on this project. 

We have plans in place for two more staff cabins for this year as well as a new sports field that will be ready for use summer of 2014 (have to let the grass grow) :-)

We are still raising money for a couple of sailboats for this summer. Peter V is going to evaluate what we have and see if we can do a little maintenance on a couple of them and then we will work with Peter to purchase a couple more sunfish for this summer.

We are planning a Hinds Alumni & Friends Meeting April 20th, 7am at Camp Hinds. Please let Don Littlefield know if you think you will be able to make it.

Don Littrlefield

Projects 2012

The 2012 season is well on its way and we have so much going on.

First off, the Hinds Alumni & Friends and the PTC property committee working together have removed two of the old staff cabins and cleared  the land and have the footings in for two new staff cabins that will be built in the coming weeks.

Beaver Work Day - May 12th!!!

Hinds Alumni & Friends has been at camp working hard this Spring to make a real difference in camp and we need your help! Please send your dues or a donation to help with the 2012 season. We also are hoping that you can volunteer for the Beaver Work Day and put in whatever time you can.

Some Recent Accomplishments:

Hinds Alumni & Friends has been working hard at camp already this year. We went up and ground the big stumps by the BB & Archery ranges and about fifty other stumps that were in the campsites and on the trails leading to the sites on the left side of the road starting with Baden Powell campsite. This should make it much safer for our boys while attending camp.

We have also purchased an Orienteering Course that will be set up for the 2012 season. 

A new brochure was designed and produced by Sam Cushing one of our newest members and it looks awesome. I promise you will start seeing these brochures around in the very near future if you haven’t seen them already! A copy is on the Documents Page.

We are looking for someone to help make some kind of a poster or something that we can set up at the beginning of each week at camp to help make everyone aware of who we are,  what we have done,  what we are doing AND what we plan to do! I would love to see us get a picture of a new sunfish sail boat and work to raise the money to purchase a new one for camp.

We are working on purchasing some wood carving tools for the craft shop as well as some other needed tools. 

Please tell everyone you know about who we are and what we are doing. We need more members, please talk to other Scouters and get them on board. It’s only $10.00 a year!

 Please have them get in touch with me if they have any questions.

Donald Littlefield

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